An Incredible Windows iPod Helper


Macsome iPod Transfer for Win is definitely an incredible iPod file transfer which involves help Windows users to take advantage use of iPod and apple iPhone, for it makes it feasible to transfer files including tunes and movies between iPod as well as PC, iPod and iTunes, iPod device and iPod, and playlist as well as playlist, so people can completely enjoy their handy, delicate as well as portable multimedia devices.

An Incredible Windows iPod Helper

Lately, iPod device, iPhone and iPad which are made by Apple Inc. are becoming increasingly more popular, and the entire world includes a craze for them, for their exquisite, pleasing to the attention and modern. However, there are always two sides to everything and thus do iPod, iPhone and apple iPad.

If people want to use them to hear music and watch movies, they've no other choice but to make use of iTunes Sync function to move files from iTunes to iPod device, iPhone, and this is very annoying since it will cover all the unique files of iPod, iPhone, which more often than not, people do not want to occur. Well, Macsome iPod Transfer for Earn comes to help people to eliminate this troubling problem easily, for it possesses professional and powerful functions and simultaneously, an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

Transfer files (music, movies) amongst iPod, PC and iTunes

Macsome iPod Transfer enables individuals to alternatively transfer music, movies through iPod to PC, backup iPod device files on iTunes, copy tunes from PC to iPod, move movies from iTunes to iPod as well as transfer music, movies from iPod to iPod without since the original files. And the transferring process is simple and fast.

Move files (music, movies) through playlist to playlist

Besides moving files among iPod, iPhone as well as iTunes, Macsome iPod Transfer may also move files from playlist in order to playlist, and what people have to do are just right-click the file after which choose the corresponding option.

Remove files

In addition to moving files, people can also remove files. Notice that files that are deleted from LIBRARY will end up being deleted from both playlist and iPod touch, and files deleted from PLAYLISTS is going to be deleted only from the playlist.

Handle iPod playlist

With Macsome iPod device Transfer, people can easily produce, rename and delete playlist based on their needs.

Edit ID labels

Editing ID tags with Macsome iPod Transfer is also simple, for people can just double click on the ID tag and then edit it as whatever they need.


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