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iPod (3)Macsome ipod device Transfer for Win is definitely an incredible ipod device file transfer which involves help Home windows customers to help make the most utilization of ipod device and apple iphone, for this causes it to be easy to transfer files including tunes and films between ipod device and PC, ipod device and iTunes, ipod device and ipod device, and playlist and playlist, so people can fully enjoy their handy, delicate and portable multimedia products.

Recently, ipod device, apple iphone and iPad that are created by Apple Corporation. are becoming a lot more popular, and the whole world includes a craze on their behalf, for they're exquisite, pleasing towards the eye and modern. However, you will find always two sides to everything and thus do ipod device, apple iphone and iPad.

If people desire to use them to hear music watching movies, other product alternative choice but to make use of iTunes Sync function to transfer files from iTunes to ipod device, apple iphone, which is very annoying since it covers all of the original files of ipod device, apple iphone, which more often than not, people don't want to occur.

Well, Macsome ipod device Transfer for Win involves help individuals to eliminate this troubling problem easily, for this offers professional and effective functions and simultaneously, an intuitive and simple-to-use interface.

Transfer files (music, movies) among ipod device, PC and iTunes

Macsome ipod device Transfer allows individuals to alternatively transfer music, movies from ipod device to PC, backup ipod device files on iTunes, copy tunes from PC to ipod device, move movies from iTunes to ipod device as well as transfer music, movies from ipod device to ipod device without since the original files. And also the moving process is fast and easy.

Move files (music, movies) from playlist to playlist

Besides moving files among ipod device, apple iphone and iTunes, Macsome ipod device Transfer may also move files from playlist to playlist, and just what people have to do are simply right-click on the file after which pick the corresponding option.

Remove files

Additionally to moving files, people may also remove files. Observe that files that are erased from LIBRARY is going to be erased from both playlist and ipod device device, and files erased from PLAYLISTS is going to be erased only in the playlist.

Manage ipod device playlist

With Macsome ipod device Transfer, people can certainly create, relabel and remove playlist based on their demands.

Edit ID tags

Editing ID tags with Macsome ipod device Transfer can also be simple, for individuals can simply double click on the ID tag after which edit it as being anything they want.

About Macsome

Macsome Corporation. is really a software development company which established in 2008 with experience and expertise in transforming audiobooks and iTunes music, moving ipod device files and recording audio. It evolves items for example Macsome Audiobook Ripper tools, ipod device File Transfer, iTunes Music Ripper tools, Audio Recorder and so forth for pcs and mobile products. All Macsome items come with an easy-to-use interface.

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