Apple Rumored to Use 3D Interface in iOS 6 in the Future


iOS (22)D isn't a strange word to all of us nowadays, let's wait and watch, three dimensional effects, three dimensional movies and three dimensional games etc, but could you image a annoying three dimensional interface when utilizing iOS products? Well, imaginable, because based on the Next Web, it might happen, the web site states the data originates from an Apple worker.

Following the announcement about additional features of iOS 6, now this is a new possibility, namely, the power for iOS products to identify where shadows would really lie on interface elements, by monitoring real-world light sources, and that is precisely what we all know how three dimensional movies work. Well, we do not have to approve if it's true or otherwise, just consider it, you will find many movies for iPad, so if it's real, what you will really fee? Awesome?

What exactly will we learn about this rumor? That unknown Apple worker stated approaching iOS iterations can use the interesting trick to create a greater degree of realism and interaction towards the company's mobile operating-system. Did this mysterious guy really reveal the alterations of iOS later on accidentally? Really, for me personally, I do not think Apple will turn each one of these concepts into reality, well, it's interesting to consider a three dimensional effect when utilizing apple iphone or any other iOS products, but possibly, a number of it may seem it's absurd.

But nonetheless it's no problem to discuss the probable change of iOS, right? So let's wait and watch the initial words the Next Web stated. Here you go: One Apple worker stated that later on, your phone can have drop shadows in line with the actual position from the light within the room, as detected through the phone's ambient sensor - and all things in the UI is going to be made in three dimensional quickly. Obviously, one Apple worker doesn't have title, or exactly what do you anticipate? Give me an idea to state at this time, fantastic or really?

Regarding the principle that how do you use it, well, we regular people really can't understand, for instance, are you going to think why it seem like that whenever watching a three dimensional movie? No? But based on the experts who know a great deal about technology or whatever, the UI component will drop shadows under certain graphical assets in compliance with light detected through the phone's ambient light sensor.

Then steps to make which come true? You will find many options to create the concept into reality, including specialized filters and fully new sensors. For the reason that situation, would you expect it? It's excellent to look at movies on Retina Display with the aid of free dvd to ipad ripper tools for mac, you never know what it will likely be like to utilize a three dimensional interface.

Maybe you need to let me know exactly what do you consider this three dimensional interface on iOS 6, and I wish to know.


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