Cheap fake charger could be out to destroy your iPad


Apple's charger may be more pricey - the present 12W variation costs GBP15 from Apple it self compared to the GBP2 forgeries you'll be able to locate on - but it is a much safer and high quality merchandise. In the exterior, the chargers seem the exact same. Will there be a huge difference besides the cost?
In a detailed post on his Righto site, engineer Ken Shirriff compared the parts on a counterfeit version and an official Apple USB 10W electricity adaptor.

"The counterfeit charger just generates 5 watts, rather of the 10 watts an iPad charger is supposed to make", Shirriff wrote.
His findings make quite intriguing - and very alarming.

When it comes to power the Apple charger produces on its assurance with a 10.1W output signal, while the fake charger's output is just 5.6W, meaning the latter will take double as long to charge. The quality of the electricity changes also, with the imitation charger generating lower-quality power, which may lead to interference and effect on the performance of the iPad's touch screen while the charger is plugged in if you use the tablet.

[via Ken Shirriff]


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