Defects Of Apples Ios Operating System Are Not Specifically Designed

iOS (28)Apple's latest version for that apple iphone and iPad iOS operating-system there's a obvious defect, this defect can lead to decelerate the rate of network programs, particularly in network programs in the desktop icon to begin time even much more.

Fu Luomo stated there's an industry with this "conspiracy theory"that Apple is the objective of this move, made to prevent customers by using the network programs and encourage programs from Apple stores for using programs, these programs Create revenue for Apple. However, he stated that such conspiracy ideas are unproven, Apple continues to be drawn in the use of incentives around the network to allow it's a great operate on the apple iphone.

Fu Luomo that Laptop Add-ons continues to be attempting to let network programs have the perfect performance, the organization doesn't have need to unnaturally lower speed network programs. He stated that, apple iphone Web programs may be the Android Os rival network programs, instead of Apple's application store.

Additionally, the majority of Apple's revenue in the apple iphone, LTN156AT02 sales come from, and never based on the use of sales. Therefore, enhancing the rate of network programs is in line with Apple's needs, that is Apple's apple iphone sales can enhance the reason, and apple iphone sales growth may be the primary objective.


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