Enjoying The iPod Commercials


iPod device. In fact, one of the evident results of iPod commercials to customers is they just keep noticing them. A user even wrote articles on why Apple does not let you know the music. This is in the HP iPod commercial. Another notable one from a summary of iPod commercials is the iPod device commercial released last Spring associated with 2005. This iPod commercial represents people roller skating, break dancing along with a robot voice.

iPod Commercials

A background song called "Technologic" played by Daft Punk that is from the album "Human After All" has been played on the background. This break dancing sound was the main reason that this one from the iPod commercials was called the Break-dance commercial. Music played a powerful figure in all iPod advertisements. In fact, it was the moving pressure in depicting the emotions or themes how the director aims to express using the iPod commercials. It is synonymous using the role of the Apple iPod within the lives of the user, that is music.

There are other songs which was played in the background in a few of the newer iPod commercials. The tunes include:

1. "Jerk It Out" through Caesars. This was from the iPod Shuffle commercial, this may be the one with the arrows.

2. "Feel Good Inc. " through Gorillas. This song was played within the Roller-skating iPod commercial.

3. "Mr. Lee" through the Bobbitt


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