Fender Special Edition Standard Stratocaster Review


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Audio -- 9 That is a Normal Fender Stratocaster. What else could be said? It may do any sort of music that I wish to throw at it. It excels in classic rock, country, and blues, and also can satisfactorily make it through anything else.I play with it via a Fender Mustang IV or a Vox VT20X. Both of these are great quality amplifiers with a range of effects. I suggest reading testimonials of these amps individually.

I like to play with my Strat on blank stations. But she could be a filthy woman also. This Mexican variant is very good, but I have never played with an American one in my house, so that I can not provide you a contrast. It's bassy in which it has to be bassy, and clean and bright in which it ought to be too. Nothing wrong with the audio of the tool.

Action, Fit & Finish -- 8 In the store that the installation was fine, but I had to correct the intonation a hair once I made it home. When bending the strings, then I had been not pleased with the manner it detuned another strings, so I attempted decking the tremolo and obstructing it, but it dropped that "elastic" noise, so instead I bought additional tremolo springs to tighten this up a little. Additionally, this guitar boats with 9's but I favor 10's, so I changed the strings, which necessitated alterations on the tremolo claw, truss rod, and saddle height. Furthermore, I increased the pickups about 1/16". All these were alterations I made in my own based on personal taste, and in no way reflect the essence of the guitar itself.Where that guitar stands out is at its own overall look. The White Opal colour is similar to a silver, or mild metallic grey. The only other time I have seen this colour is really on a high end SUV, like an Escalade or Denali. The colour can be painted on the headstock, rather than plain walnut colour. The dark rosewood fretboard actually contrasts the brightness and brings all of it ! Along with a pearloid pick guard, which sees up it and gives it a "highend" feel.

The fret work isn't excellent, but it really rather great. Difficult to maintain frets from sprouting from the Wisconsin winters. Nevertheless, they were both smooth and flat, not scratchy or necessitating polishing such as I have discovered on other guitars in this price range.

Reliability & Gamble -- 9 I have only owned this guitar for around 2 weeks. I find nothing about it which makes me believe it will burst. Additionally, the end seems durable, however even if it is not it will find the "Relic" appearance everybody looks so crazy about nowadays. Each of the hardware seems builttolast...

The change look nice
The pots feel great
Tremolo system functions nicely
Pickups seem strong
The tuners are Excellent

Whether this guitar is just half as great as all of the additional MadeinMexico Strats being analyzed, I am certain that this really is a workhorse guitar which can help keep me happy for a long time.

Overall Impression -- 9 As I have already stated, like a lot of other people, the Fender Stratocaster is a fantastic game for just about any type of music. I am a hobbyist with a year of critical playing under my belt. Far from a professional, but I understand enough to tell a fantastic guitar from a poor one. I have other guitars such as:

I love to play with blues, country, classic, and southern rock along with the Strat claws it all.

I wanted a genuine Strat for my "group," and I am glad I got you. It is a little more difficult to install with all of the moving parts and what not, however now that I have it dialed in, its fun and easy to playwith. My favourite thing about the guitar is that it's look and relaxation. Fender nailed it over 60 decades back!


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