Great iPhone iPad Apps for Filmmakers & Video Producer


The current launch of Apple's revolutionary iPad, combined with ongoing evolution from the apple iphone, has motivated the introduction of literally 1000's of completely new "applications".

A number of these of recent programs are targeted directly in the film and video production industries. Producers, for instance, result using iPads fairly frequently on shoots for that usual production tasks for example storyboarding and arranging.

With huge sales figures and subsequently generation of iPads being stated for release in first quarter of 2011, the touchscreen system is clearly not going anywhere soon and it is surely only dependent on time before we have seen premium programs like Final Cut Professional getting used around the iPad too.

As designers come up with new, creative methods for while using iPad and apple iphone, we are seeing some really ingenius programs. Listed here are 6 great apple iphone / iPad Applications for filmmakers and video producers

(1) iSlate

iSlate is a very affordable clapperboard. Ideal for individuals times when clapperboard dissapears inexplicably in the package bag or even the runner does not remember to bring along one. So getting iSlate like a backup is amazing, as well as for 1.79 a great bargain.

Alternatively, if you need to iPad you will want to get Movie Slate, that is referred to because the "Comes-Royce of iPad/apple iphone clapboards". It's all of the features you can imagine, and also at 1199 is perfectly justified if you notice the thing it can perform.


This application, formerly referred to as Hancock, is really a storyboard composer, which fits a lot better than you'd expect. With your own pictures (and photos taken using the apple iphone), you can include in products using their huge library of related imagery. It will virtually everything a storyboard artist program must do, using the the least fuss.

(3)Professional Prompter

Miracle traffic bot by Bodelin (who make full-sized teleprompters), enables you to definitely control an expert teleprompter together with your apple iphone or iPad. You will need to view it for action to obtain how it operates but it is pretty clever stuff.

(4)ITC Calc

When you are dealing every day with frames, timecodes, trips, you'll need a quick method of doing your information. The good thing about ITC Calc is you can get it done anywhere you have to, whether on set or sitting in-front of the edit machine, with a built-ever you are able to return and appear the way you made it happen the final time you possessed to!


Cutting corners make existence a lot simpler, particularly when speed is essential. Being an editor you are accustomed to dealing with due dates, and knowing which buttons result in the process faster and much more achievable seems essential. With this particular application in your apple iphone or iPad, you are able to discover what you ought to complete the job without needing to traverse through multiple menus or manuals. Used every day you'll discover the cutting corners off off by heart, and as a result be preferred among your bosses to get your projects done much faster!


To the actual tech-heads among us... The entire featured iStat Macosx application will virtually let you know all that you should learn about what's happening within your Apple machine. Naturally, the apple iphone application enables you to definitely perform the same remotely, although also offering reviews in your handheld device itself. So ... have you ever wanted to be aware what the person cores do, or simply how hot your hard disk drives are running, iStat is perfect for you.


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