How to get Free iPhone Theme to iPod touch 4G


This really is are some instructions on how you can obtain free iPhone themes on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Actually free iPhone theme is collections from the icon in. png format which load into your Home screen. What's Home screen? Home screen is where your Interface which is contains lot of icons displayed in your device. It can includes Application, Games or Tools and a lot more. So the iPhone themes can change these icons and change your own theme.

iPhone Theme to iPod touch 4G

It can be triggered via Winter board, which is controls your Interface or Icons on Home screen. Besides iPhone themes, Winter board also can alter lock screen, icons, volume icon, electric battery icon, wallpapers. lock screen sound, fonts and much more. You can obtain the Winter board through Lydia. However that, don't forget to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod itouch first. So how to install iPhone themes for your iPod touch? It is super easy.

Just follow my guides. Firstly you have to jailbreak your iPod touch 2G products. It can be jailbreak using jailbreak tools for example black rain, 1merain, spirit jailbreak and much more. After that, you need to download free iPhone themes in the website that provides free apple iPhone theme. There is one website that I know you will get the free iPhone themes very easily. It is located here world wide web. Choose your desired free iPhone themes after which download it into your pc.

Then you will get. squat files. You must extract the zip files into somewhere within your PC. Then, you need to SSH or even connect your iPhone or iPod itouch via USB to your PC to be able to transfer the iPhone themes into your iPod itouch 4G. You can use WinSCP if you're Windows user to SSH. If you wish to transfer via USB you may try iFunBox software. After which, you need to detect the themes folder first. Find the folder within the file explorer. All the themes is going to be positioned in Library/Themes.

Let say the theme you have downloaded is named Zune HIGH DEFINITION. zip. Then extract the Zune HIGH DEFINITION. zip into one folder title Zune HD. Then drag as well as drop the folder into Library/Themes. Simple isn't it? After that, connect out USB or SSH. After that launch Winter board app. You might find one the theme that you uploaded before has become appear in Winter board app. It's called Zune HD. To allow or activate the theme, just click the theme's name. Then the theme is going to be activated.

So let's review that which you instructed: First jailbreak your apple iPhone 4G. Install Winter board. Get apple iPhone themes from website given over. Extract the theme that you've downloaded SSH or connect via USB out of your device to your computer Duplicate the theme into Library/Themes folder Activate the theme by utilizing Winter board app Done! Enjoy your iPhone themes Get your free iPhone themes At free iPhone theme website free of charge today.


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