How to share music through WhatsApp


The iOS version has a little more limits to a raging application as of date than the Android version, while WhatsApp is them. IOS users can send in photos and videos which are already on the Camera Roll. They could also take photographs or videos, and send them across for their friends. Sharing contacts and location is also a characteristic that's available on iPhone or iPad.

Without Jailbreak and without using a PC or a cloud service, there is a really easy way to send music files in WhatsApp.

All you need to do is install iZip from, then open it.

IZip is a popular software to handle 7ZIP, ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, TAR and other compressed files in your Mac. Best of all it is free so you can zip, unzip & unrar your files without constraints. It enables me to open files without needing to convert them or install additional software besides the application downloaded from on-line. Only suggestion I might make would be to have the ability in order to sort according to different standards, and to reorganize files and folders.

Next step, go to music library, select the song you want to share, zip it, then extract it, and select open in.

Select WhatsApp, select the contact/group you want to share it to, and done!

I still don't get why this isn't just integrated in the app, but this should do fine.


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