How To Transfer Media Files To Your Ipod Video


iPod (23)Don't forget that it's illegal to repeat a movie or movie on your device if actually you don't own the initial DVD disk. Every country has different copyright laws and regulations so please determine what you could and can't do.

The initial step would be to download a Dvd and blu-rayOrmovie convertor for the ipod device, you will find a number of these presently in the marketplace along with a quick search will rapidly point you within the right direction. For that puropses of the tutorial Im likely to use Lenogo convertor.

The first step

Download the film convertor on your PC and do as instructed to set up the program.

Second step

Convey a DVD to your DVD drive on your pc and launch the applying.

Third step

Click on the open button along with a dialog box can look, just click OK if you want to transform the Dvd and blu-rayOrmovie into an ipod device file and then the next phase.

Fourth step

You'll certainly be given info on your DVD file and many likely a table of items in the Dvd and blu-ray to become converted. An easy click the plus sign will expand the tree and you'll (with respect to the software you utilize) need to alter the DVD title. To get this done make use of the edit box to input your preferred title, this may also be your filename for the ipod device file. Again to select a subtitle simply choose the related title item, (possibly the longest chapter) and repeat the steps for choosing a primary title. Audio selection is simply a situation mentioning to the whole process of title and subtitle selection.

Fifth step

Next we must save the file and also the usual selection is save because this will store your movie file on your hard disk drive, to alter the filename or directory location just choose browse.

Sixth step

Allows convert. Hit the convert button to star transforming your DVD for an ipod device file on your computer. Most programs also allow you to visit a preview around the right hands side from the pane.

Step seven

Following a couple of minutes (based on quality and also the speed of the PC) your conversion is going to be complete. The folder in which you saved your file will instantly open and when you want convert another movie simply choose the edit option within the menu and visit third step.

Step eight

To import your file for your ipod device you have to launch iTunes and choose File and Add file to library. Locate your MP4 file in your hard disk, load it in your ipod device and you can also enjoy your movie on the run together with your video ipod device.


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