Iphone 4 Screen Repair Guide


iPhone ipodnews.com (30)Within this tutorial become familiar with how you can switch the screen and LCD set up around the AT&T apple iphone 4. This repair is an advanced of difficulty as well as prior experience to become effective. If you think that this repair isn't for you personally, iRepair Solutions provides a countrywide same-day apple iphone repair shop.

With this repair you may need a philips mind screwdriver, a set mind screwdriver, a plastic spudger tool, a sim tray removal tool, and often a five star screwdriver, with respect to the two bottom screws around the apple iphone.

step one

Take away the sim tray situated along the side of the apple iphone. Press the sim removal tool in to the small hole to obtain the sim tray to slip out. The sim tray should slide out.

step two

Make use of the philips mind or even the five star screwdriver to get rid of the 2 screws at the base from the apple iphone

step three

Slide the rear hide and lift it from the apple iphone. This gives you accessibility internal components.

step four

Take away the screw holding battery connection in position. Lift the bond out while using spudger tool. Once disconnected pry the apple iphone battery out.

step five

Take away the antenna connection cover and also the antenna situated near the battery connection. It really button snaps off.

step six

Remove two screws holding the metal plate since the charging port flex cable. After getting rid of home plate, make use of the plastic spudger oral appliance take away the connection from the system board.

step 7

The speakerphone takes place in position by two screws. Take them off. The screw around the left also supports the system board in position.

step 8

Take away the whitened "water damage and mold indicator" sticker and also the screw beneath it.

step 9

Remove two screws holding the vibration module.

step 10

Remove five screws holding the metal cover within the system board connections.

step 11

After getting rid of the metal cover in the board, snap the flex cables of utilizing the spudger tool Take care not to tear the flex cables.

step 12

Take away the camera in the system board.

step 13

Take away the last screw holding the system board in position. Make use of a flat mind screwdriver to get this done.

step 14

Lift the system board from the apple iphone. Take great care using the surrounding flex cables. Don't pressure anything if you think resistance.

step 15

You will have to remove four more screws situated in most four corners from the apple iphone They contain the apple iphone screen in position.

Step 16

You will find six more screws around the sides from the phone. Release them but don't take them off. This causes it to be simpler to re-assemble the apple iphone. These screws make certain the screen stays flush using the mid-frame.

Step 17

Pry the apple iphone screen in the mid-frame and take away the 2 flex cables with the opening within the mid-frame.

Step 18

Save the grill mesh and also the camera holder to exchange around the apple iphone. Re-using these parts saves considerable time.

Step 19

Re-install the glues for that screen and re-install the brand new apple iphone 4 screen in position. Be cautious sliding the digitizer and LCD flex cable throught the mid-frame.

Follow these instructions backwards to re-assemble the apple iphone.


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