Iphone Tips And Tricks To Get The Most From Your New Phone


A lot of people want to get an iphone, and get the most out of it. To unlock its full potential, however, there are a number of things to consider. Which carrier is best? Which apps offer the most in terms of usefulness and usability? Which model gives the most bang for the buck? This article will give you some great ideas about the iphone to help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

If your iphone has accidentally gotten wet, rice can be used to help it dry. If your iphone lands in the toilet or you get it wet, this can help to save your device. Instead of using a hair dryer, wipe your phone with a soft paper towel and then put it into a ziploc bag filled with rice. Leave it like that overnight, and it should be nice and dry in the morning.

Through the aid of Siri, you can create custom location reminders. You do not have to say "At five I have to call work, Siri." But you can also ask Siri to remind you when you get home. As soon as the iphone detects that you are home, it will activate the reminder. Because our schedules often change unexpectedly, this can be a nice way to stay organized.

Map Feature

Your iphone has the ability to get you from place to place. The map feature will also perform GPS functions. Finding your way to a destination is easier, and so is finding new locations on the way. You should bookmark the map feature so you can access it quickly when you need it.

You may spend a great deal of time reading email or browning Safari on your iphone, but you may not know how simple it is to hang onto an image from these locations. It is simply a matter of pressing down on the desired picture for a moment. After a few seconds, a pop-up box will give you the option of saving the image to your phone.

There are many features available on an iphone including the ability to make up shortcuts and add dictionary entries. Your phone will automatically know what you're going to type next. An added benefit is being able create custom phrases and shortcuts. Auto-correction of mistyped words is another handy feature.

Do you want to use a shortcut to get to the camera option on your iphone? Here is a simple solution. Tap on the Home icon two times when your screen is locked. A camera icon should pop up somewhere right near the screen's bottom. Tapping this icon will enable the iPhone's camera.

Make sure you regularly update your firmware. Not only will it keep your system current and functional, it may also improve your battery life through improvements. If you use iTunes on your computer, you can use connect your iphone to the computer and use it to check for updates. Or, you can connect the iphone to an Apple Computer via iCloud.

Take photos with you iphone without messing up the image by shaking it too much. You can just use the volume buttons on your Apple headphones. Start by steadying your hand on whatever subject you wish to capture. Press the proper button on your headphone wire when the picture is ready to be taken.

After you get your iphone, choose a ringtone that you love. Separate yourself from everyone else and add your own unique touch to the phone by having your own ringtone. Use a song you like by uploading it to your ringtones. This is an attention getter.

Make the most of your time with your iphone device by eliminating suggested words. If you're texting or using email on your phone, simply tap any part of the screen to get rid of the suggestion box. Now you do not have to press 'x' every time.

You should consider purchasing the battery management app. There are a few options, and they help you make your battery last longer. They also let you know when you need to calibrate, letting you keep the battery healthy.

If Siri's mechanized voice rubs you the wrong way, you do have other options. If you want to change the Siri voice, go to your General Settings and find Siri. You can set the language she will use to French, German or English. You can also choose your preferred accent; for instance, make Siri British. Actually, the Siri with the British accent is male!

After reading this article, you should now be familiar with the iphone and all that it has to offer. All of this information will help you appreciate your iphone.


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