Kawano wanted to dispelling four myths regarding Apple design process

Ex- Apple senior designer and user experience evangelist Mark Kawano gives a peek behind the drape of the inner workings in Cupertino in an interview dispelling four myths regarding cofounder Steve Jobs' standing and the company's design studio.

Drawing on seven years of experience at Apple designing products like Aperture and iPhone, then later as a UX evangelist, Kawano shed light on how the company is able to churn out the innovative designs now synonymous with the Apple brand. In an interview with Fast Company, Kawano said he wanted to debunk myths surrounding Cupertino's design process.

The first target: Apple's design team. Kawano said there is a misconception that Apple is able to product high-quality, intricately detailed products because it has the best designers and design process.

"Everybody there is thinking about UX and design, not just the designers. And that's what makes everything about the product so much better...much more than any individual designer or design team". Kawano feels almost everyone at Apple "thinks like a designer," each contributing to a common well-designed end product.

Second on Kawano's hit list is the myth that Apple has an inordinately large number of specialized designers working on various projects. Kawano conceded that Apple may be expanding these groups as part of a corporate reshuffling post-Steve Jobs.

Finally, Kawano dished on Steve Jobs, saying the late Apple cofounder's reputation of being passionate to the point of frightening is misunderstood. What Jobs wanted was the "best thing" and expected everyone working around him to want the same.

[via AppleInsider]


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