NephSystem N390 converts iOSAndroid devices into an EPC Class 1 Gen2 RFID readerwriter

iOS (16)Nephsystem Technologies, a number one provider of rf identification (-RFID-) technology, introduced the debut of the new N390 iRF Pixie UHF Gen 2 RFID readers/author.NephSystem Technologies' N390 iRF Pixie RFID Dongle instantly converts apple iphone, ipod device, iPad or Android based device (Wise Phones / Pills, etc.) into an EPC Class 1 Gen2 RFID Readers/Author with full access of ISO 18000-6C UHF EPC Gen 2 standard/protocol including tag reading through, writing, etc.

N390 iRF Pixie brings the energy of UHF Gen 2 RFID to iOS and Android products (e.g. apple iphone/iPad/iPoad/Android Wise Phones, etc.), using the options that come with lightweight, inexpensive, low energy consumption. N390 might be utilized in many situations where RFID technology is needed, such as the Logistics, Warehouse Management, Access Control, Resource Monitoring, People Identification, etc.

N390 iRF Pixie uses standard 3.5mm Audio port on apple iphone/ipod device/iPad or Android based device because the primary communication interface between. It's truly an Plug&Play tool and NO needed for connecting every other cables or plugs to really make it work.

Primary Options that come with N390 iRF Pixie:

-Compact design -Built-in Re-chargeable Li battery -Ultra-low energy consumption -May go for approximately 6-8 hrs per full charge through Micro USB -As much as 30cm reading through distance with regular EPC Gen 2 tags

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