Play Bdmv Files On Mac, Convert Bdmv Files To To Ipod Quicktime, Mp4, Imovie, Fcp On Mac

iPod (15)This informative guide describes how you can play and convert BDMV files on Mac. The techniques works best for BDMV folder from AVCHD video camera and Blu-ray movies with MTS/M2TS extension files. Since weve done minimal test on BDMV folder with DBMV extinction files we're not 100% certain this process works.

What's BDMV?

In a nutshell, BDMV files are Blu-ray Information files. BDMV supports hd video encoded to MPEG-2, AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10), and VC-1 specifications. You will probably find BDMV files from:

HD Video cameras AVCHD folders (BDMV and CERTIFICATE) with M2TS extension files. For The new sony HDR-SR11 video camera, the AVCHD files will bear the MTS extension.

Blu-ray disk with BDMV folder and files with BDMV extension.

Ripped Blu-ray DVD movies, the folder structure being all found in a BDMV folder structure with M2TS extensionfiles.

Blu-ray movie with BDMV & CERTIFICATE folder, one subfolder from the BDMV folder may be the Stream folder as well as in this folder there's a MTS extension file.

How you can play BDMV files on Mac?

Gamers pointed out below may not support all MTS/M2TS file playback, with respect to the used compression formats inside a MTS/M2TS files in BDMV folder.

VLC media player is easily the most popular method to play MTS/M2TS files.

Download VLC media player and run this application, drag the MTS Video towards the play list, after which double click it. You can now play MTS video in your Mac:

Tips: You must have iLife08 installed to be able to play MTS/M2TS files using VLC.

Other Media gamers for MTS/M2TS playback

Some MTS/M2TS files could be performed with ALLPlayer, MPlayer, Home windows Media Player, Bsplayer along with other media gamers, based on used compression formats inside a MTS/M2TS file. Some gamers will require a suitable codec, component or plug-in installed. Because you will find a lot of gamers and plu-inches, we're not able to introduce them 1 by 1.

The file type MTS/M2TS isn't necessarily instantly connected using the player, therefore it might be essential to open it up in the player.

How you can convert BDMV files to to ipod device, QT, MP4, iMovie, FCP, etc. on Mac

For play and share BDMV files freely on Mac, the best choice is transforming BDMV files on Mac. Then your files might be playable on all Apple products. This is a tutorial for the way to transform BDMV files with other video formats on Mac OS X.

Step One: Install BDMV Video Ripper tools for Mac

Download Apple version

Step Two: Load M2TS/MTS files in BDMV folder

Drag & drop MTS files towards the program. Or visit File menu, choose Add Video/Audio recordings to discover the BDMV files you need to add. To mix videos to some complete video, tick Merge into One File.

Step Three: Choose an output format in the output format list

You are able to Mac friendl formats, like MP4, MOV, M4V, etc. because the output video formats. Obviously, some presets, like ipod device, iPad, apple iphone, iMovie are great options too. What is more, when you purchase anything fron Apple Products because the output format, the prospective videos might be submitted to iTunes instantly.

Step Four: Hit the Convert button to begin conversion

This BDMV Video Ripper tools for Mac supports MTS/M2TS files holiday to a popular video format conversion. You are able to take part in the converted files on Mac (including Snow, Lion Leopard) with QT easily or upload it to iMovie or FCP to produce your personal masterpiece.


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