Samsung Galaxy S2 Vs Iphone 4 – Who Will Be The Winner


Who will probably be the champion within the fight among Samsung Galaxy S2 Versus apple iphone 4? A distinction of Android mobile phones within the same class like Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation, and LG Optimus 2x. Generally, Galaxy S2 offers probably the most excellent functionality between its rivals. In the following paragraphs, the author want to perform a comparison which is between the very best Android mobile mobile phone models worldwide in comparison to the best non-android cell phone globally.

Shape Aspect

Galaxy S2 : 125.thrice 66.1 x 8.49 millimeters, 117 grams

apple iphone 4 : 115.2 x 58.7 x 9.3 millimeters, 137 grams

Samsung Galaxy S2 is recognized as to be the worldwide slimest mobile phone technology, with simply 8.49 millimeters. It is extremely astounding, because it provides up-to-date technology. Since the greater and better display size of Galaxy S2, therefore the champion of the initial stage duel of Galaxy S2 Versus apple iphone 4 goes toward Galaxy S2.


Galaxy S2 : 16 or 32 Gb microSD

apple iphone 4 : 16/32 Gb

The 2nd stage needs only a common assessment. Both models present exactly the same capacity of expensive storage, using the significant difference: Galaxy S2 could be enlarged with microSD cards almost 32 Gb. Therefore, effectively, it can save you two times just as much in your Galaxy S2. Together with 1080 pixels video benefits, 8 mega pixels camera along with the ability to set up programs on the sd card that is possessed through the whole Samsung's Android mobile phones, you might decide on your own which phone works out is the champion.

Energy Existence

Galaxy S2 : 1650 mAh, twenty hrs standby - ten hrs during active consumption - in addition to 15 % leftover of battery existence.

apple iphone 4 : 1420 mAh, Nearly 10 several hours video playback.

From a lot of Android phones on the market today, Samsung Galaxy S2 has the capacity to existence a bit longer within the check battery. It's due to a couple of things, the very first is from Samsung's latest capacity in order to save battery usage through the display and also the second might be we've got the technology in the battery by itself.A


Galaxy S2 : 4.27", 800x480px, AMOLED Super Plus

apple iphone 4 : 3.5 inches, 640x960 pixels, LCD with Insolvency practitioners

Super AMOLED Plus is important enhancement from Super AMOLED (the first generation of Galaxy S). Super AMOLED Plus includes a wider color, more greater contrast, obvious edges, far better for outside readability, in addition to low energy use screen than other device available on the market. Nevertheless, the surplus of AMOLED Super Plus cannot yet defeat the iPhone's Retina Display 4, because the display of apple iphone 4 looks natural.


Galaxy S2 : 1.2 Gigahertz Dual-Core Exynos processor nick, 1 Gb of Ram

apple iphone 4 : Apple A4 1 Ghz, 512 Mb Memory

When it comes to the quickness of CPU, 1.2 Gigahertz Dual-Core (200 Mhz) is larger along with Ram that's two times elevated namely 1 GB, earlier pointed out technical specifications enable you to choose which one might be the champion.


Galaxy S2 : 8MP rear, secondary 2MP, 1080 pixels video record

apple iphone 4 : 5 mega pixels back, front VGA, 720 pixels video capture

Samsung has removed all the limitations in creating and developing the Galaxy S2. This vendor continues to be outfitted 8MP camera in Galaxy S2 and outfitted with Brought expensive. This camera could record full Hi-def video at 1080 pixels as the apple iphone 4 limited to 720p. Another fineness of the Android smartphone is its secondary camera that features greater resolution compared to existing laptop web camera. Therefore, the recording Call, Video Chat or The face-time could be more efficient with Samsung Galaxy S2.


Galaxy S2 : Wi-Fi, Near Area Communication, 3rd generation/4G, Bluetooth 3., Digital Living Network Alliance, Wi-Fi tethering

apple iphone 4 : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, 3rd generation

Samsung appears have selected to apply modern-day connectivity. Works together with 4G, Bluetooth new edition (3.), NFC (Near Area Communication) is really a technology that might be useful for wireless funds through smartphone together with the DLNA system will probably be incredibly handy without notice to look at HD clip easily in the Android phone to widescreen Televisions. Samsung Galaxy S2 consists of a myriad of things needed through the fans of connectivity. So, the champion throughout this stage between Samsung Galaxy S2 Versus apple iphone 4 is Samsung Galaxy S2.


Galaxy S2 : About $ 653

apple iphone 4 : Around $ 699

There isn't any doubt from the reality that Apple's devices are usually more pricey than other mobile phone models available.


Most likely the fight among Samsung Galaxy S2 Versus apple iphone 4 isn't a balance fight. As a result of CPU functionality that's not Dual-Core CPU yet, apple iphone 4 experienced major beat and merely win by way of the Retina Display technology. Probably the apple iphone 4S with Dual-Core CPU might turn to be considered a rival equivalent. But for the time being, Samsung Galaxy S2 justifies being the main Android device, both against Android mobile phone models in addition to non-Android phones.


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