Samsung is the largest supplier of Retina Displays to Apple


Do Not believe for one minute that Apple is getting less reliant yet on Samsung for some vital parts in 2014. Based on DisplaySearch, 9.7-inch I pad with RetinA display. Samsung became the greatest screen provider to Apple in the 1st quarter.

Based on a fresh report, Samsung is the greatest provider of RetinA Displays to Apple. It states the Korean OEM supplied more than half the retina screens in the fourth quarter.

The Korean corporation is, in addition, supplying screens panels for the ipadmini at the same time.

For those who do not understand, additionally producers the A7 cpu for the corporation, which is being utilized in several other iOS apparatus and the newest iPhone 5s.

Apple could nonetheless source the next gen socalled chips along with A-8 cpu from beyond the A-8, according to VLSI Study.
There Is no official confirmation, but may well be among the producers of the forthcoming A8 processor, which will be anticipated to start with the supposed iPhone 6.

(via c net)


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