Smartphone-controlled Custom Wooden Vehicle Project


Having the chance to construct a wooden car with my dad helped me understand how fun it is to actually build something.

And a new Kickstarter project launching today, SmartWood, adds a very modern twist to that activity. Smartwood cars are the authentic 100% wood car models completely controlled with your smartphone.

Here’s a quick video about the project.

Basically, the three different vehicles – a crawler, dragster, and off-road truck – are app-controlled toys. But there’s much more to the system than that.

Available as complete kits, SmartWood offers everything you need to assemble the vehicle of your choice, including laser-cut birchwood sheets, motors, tires, screw, and a step-by-step manual. Once your vehicle is ready to go, it can be controlled via Bluetooth with a companion iOS app. No technical skills are necessary to assemble and use a Smartwood model, even if you've never built a robot before.

If that wasn’t fun enough, the entire system is open-sourced and based on the easy-to-use Arduino platform. The Smartwood control board is an Arduino compatible miniature control board with a number of add-ons

Right now, for an early bird $59 pledge, you can snag a crawler. A SmartWood dragster or truck can be reserved with pledge of $79 or $99, respectively. The campaign has a funding goal of $50,000.

If funded, the vehicles are slated to ship in October.


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