The AudioFlood Waterproofed iPod Shuffle


I could listen to music or whatever else while I swim laps. I use it everyday and 've had this about 8 weeks today. The waterproof earbuds work very well. I have to mess using them somewhat to acquire a good safe fit within my ear. Once they are secure in my ear, I can notice the music properly. Atmosphere and water from swimming may muffle the audio, or even safely in position.

So just how is the fact that feasible? Well, AudioFlood runs on the private waterproofing procedure that fills the whole within the iPod Shuffle having a constant coating of gentle wax, hence which makes it waterproof in addition to rust resistant. Before screening it out, I questioned the solution was Yes and also if it may be utilized in salt-water. How comfortable are they, nicely AudioFlood Waterproof iPod Shuffles are included in a-2-year Guarantee against manufacturing flaws.

The swims comprised mainly utilizing the freestyle / top crawl stroke with switch turns. You wish to ensure that you make use of a set of glasses which have two straps or possess a heavier thickness band to obtain just as much hold as you can.

The AudioFlood iPod Shuffle independently offers for $125 as the iPod Pack includes sack and Waterproof Headphones and offers for $140. To help you find the correct dimension for the ears the headphones include 6 set of earpieces. In case your make use of the iPod while out operating or every other exercise additionally, it posseses an extension wire to increase the reach. The Waterproof iPod pack features mesh swimming carrier and a swimming cover for the iPod, headphones, as well as space for the glasses. AudioFlood have a built-in cut to quickly connect the iPod to goggle band, top collar, or elsewhere you'd like.

After I got the system moist and joined the water I had been astonished to listen to audio from the headphones, not only after entering the swimming but through the entire swimming. For audio, itis originally greater whenever you do not have any water inside your earcanal to tone down the amount. Water enters the audio and also your earcanal is somewhat muffled, while you move. You are able to try out the earpieces if a different one is important to determine. You are able to simply boost the quantity to assist you out a little, to combat the reduced amount of the audio.

Something I did discover about the AudioFlood iPod Shuffle when compared with my regular Apple iPod shuffle was the reaction while pushing about the switches. On my regular iPod I will have the reaction or press also it was simpler while about the AudioFlood device I really could hardly tell what I had been doing. There is no actual reaction or press sense also it was a little harder to push. Betting the wax has anything related to this.


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