The New 5th Generation Apple IPods


Up to now, there's been numerous Apple iPod models. With the brand new iPod Video's launch, nowadays there are formally three iPod versions for iPods' 5th-generation. The sooner 4th-generation versions, such as the common iPod Mini, iPod Picture, U2 and 20GB iPod are actually officially background.


The three established 5G iPod versions range from iPod Movie and the iPod Shuffle. What is the distinction between this selection of the prior 4G versions and also iPods? Generally speaking, the variations are:

Hard Disk Drive

Two of the brand new iPod versions, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, derive from expensive disk drive technology that was hard. This hard disk drive is ultra-slim and it is capable to endure energetic motion and shock. Unlike 4G versions, this permit them to become employed for energetic actions and create the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano ultra-slim, including sporting exercise, random falls, party, etc. Prior 4G models were more frail and energetic activity often trigger breakdown that is probable.

Battery life

Battery life about the 5G iPod has increased greatly. Among the main grievances about 4G iPod was the brief battery life(8hrs) and battery life wearing away rapidly after heavy use. The brand new iPod it has a much better battery lifetime and continues as much as 14 hours.

Color is common

Unlike 4G design, where the iPod Picture model was the model with shade, iPod Movie and the iPod Nano comes standard with color display and play.

Selection of video

Using the iPod Movie, a variety is today of actions, including audio information, photo that may be backed on a single iPod. Formerly, movie was unavailable as a choice.

Housing that is standard

The 4G iPod involved the multi color iPod mini, having a selection of orange red, natural and gold. The choice for dark was the design that is U2.

Nowadays, the shades continues to be standard to dark or bright (except iPod Shuffle - White only). Additionally, all iPod housing continues to be difficult polymer and standard to difficult polymer rather than the anionized aluminum for iPod Little for that different versions.

Nevertheless, as documented by several iPod consumer sites, the difficult polymer housing employed for the 5G iPod versions seemingly have a propensity to damage. It's recommended that guard movie or an iPod housing be bought for the 5G iPod instantly. A great choice are available below.

Small Clickwheel

The iPod Clickwheel was once a third party a scroll-wheel that given and was created by a third party. The iPod clickwheels made by Apple and are now actually created itself. The benefits are comparable but greater result feedback was claimed by customers.

Headset jack

Headset jacks such as the initial 1G iPod up till the 4G models, for several iPod models, happens to be along with the iPod. With the headset port at the end surface breaks.

Which design to select?

IPod's present 5G selection appears to be flexible and probably the most full so far, and we are able to observe that the 3 various versions are basically directed at various sections of the iPod consumer marketplace. A fundamental information to choosing the iPod design that is right could be generally categorized as:

iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle is actually directed at customers who've people who just have an unexpected requirement for a music-player or a diminished budget. The Mix comes with no display and contain it shuffled or person can only just decide to pay attention to audio in a series. Because it is discounted, this design has turned into an option for individuals who desire to have an iPod but might not possess the required budget of.

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano has become the conventional iPod design using 4G iPod models' leave. Having width and a dimension somewhat bigger than a charge card, this really is today a favorite iPod design. Customers possess a selection of audio information and picture with this specific display iPod that is colored.

iPod Video

The most recent child the iPod Movie, about the stop, is who would like to view video on the iPod or preferred by individuals with a greater budget. It's a somewhat bigger monitor compared to iPod Nano and perform with a sharp 30 fps video show. With very few iPod movies readily available for download up to now, we will have to discover if the iPod Nano can be overtaken by this model whilst the conventional iPod design.


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