The Way to Create a Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card


Making your own Christmas cards is a terrific way to save money. It is super easy to understand how to create a popup card. This card is an excellent craft project for children. With a sheet of card and no glue you can create easy but a great.

You do have to use a craft knife to produce the popup effect, so ensure to do the cutting for them or supervise children.

You need 1 sheet of thin card; eraser and pen; ruler; scissors craft knife; cutting mat.

The curves freehand, trying to get them centered over the middle crease.

Kids may need some help, although children should have no issue with this measure. Check out led laser christmas lights to learn more about christmas decorations with candy.

To make a cut put the piece of paper in the center of a mat and carefully cut the shape out. The bits will fall out as the card is picked up by you, if you're dinner accurate.

With the popup card folded closed, run a fingernail over the lines to be certain they are sharp and crisp.


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