What Would A Perfect Smartwatch Be?


Wearable technology is among the most popular trends of the upcoming 2015. The brightest item that raises discussions now is the watch, or more exactly, smartwatch. There is an assortment of notions and prepared gadgets on the market but we don't have a watch that comes close to a picture of a perfect smartwatch, a product which is adored by global crowd, a device so good in every way that people would choose to replace their amazing wristwatches with it.

We do not want high end specs and energy draining chips. It is better to rid of unnecessary functions that operate considerably better. Would you like to read and send emails on a 1.3''-1.5'' screen? Look through todos/reminders? That's considerably better.

It's just a manner of wrapping functionality that is old into a form factor that is better. You do not have to have everything to make a successful product. Only a notification which you've received an email isn't an ideal feature for a smartwatch. The more affluent the screen, the more the functions, but isn't it more convenient (and educational) to check social network notifications and react to them using our smartphones? Especially if the problem of battery life is not going to disappear.

What exactly can a smartwatch have? A cellphone with a voice and contact list control?

Well, if you locate speaking to your own watch acceptable, it may be fine without having to take your phablet from the tote to answer an urgent call,. A mediaplayer? Perhaps it will be fairly fine to skip a song or two in your playlist. However, battery life pretty much is drained by this attribute.

A tool for social networking? Not so great, but you may fast swipe through your Twitter web feed - not every social network can be smartwatch-friendly. A wellness-and-fitness tracker? A watch with weather and alarm? For sure. And what characteristics do you believe a perfect smartwatch would have?


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