Why do people need a connected car when We can just use the smartphone or tablet inside the car?

The auto that is related looks like a hot thing in CES this season. But is there really a need for a car to be joined? Why would you need a connected auto when you're able to simply use the smartphone or tablet inside the car? Wouldn't more expensive and solve the synchronization problem when one is using too many different devices that are smart?

In one word: security. It is now prohibited in many jurisdictions to hold a mobile in your hand.

First of all, it can be integrated readily with other vehicle systems to give additional functions that the tablet or cellphone cannot supply. Additionally, it avoids the trouble of having to add a tablet PC mount sticking out if the dash. It can be designed with safety in mind do while you're moving that diverting content isn't shown on a driver's display.

The goal of a car manufacturer will be to allow you to use your favourite apparatus safely. It's safer to use accredited ergonomic controls incorporated into the vehicle as compared to tapping about on the touch screen. Specifically, in the case of Ford, it's also potential by processing the voice input signal elsewhere to extend the native speech.


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