Wireless iPhone charger with Lightning connector


As iPhone owners clamor for a method to cut the final wire, AppleInsider went hands on with Fonesalesman's new iQi wireless charging adapter to test if the promising charging technology is prepared for the spotlight.

We actually wanted to enjoy the iQi, and it's gone as far as the underlying can take it -- unfortunately, that is only not far enough.

The Qi standard is just overly finicky, and the added problems brought on by the lack of Made for iPhone certification mean that we can't advocate the iQi. It should be considered by just the most enthusiastic wire cutters, until those problems are resolved.


London-based Fonesalesman provided us with one iQi receiver and two charging pads, the company's notepad-sized Koolpad and a smaller, travel-friendly option called the Koolpuck. The iQi itself is composed of a plastic-wrapped induction coil connected to a male Lightning plug with a small ribbon cable.

The iQi is impressively compact, smaller and thinner than a credit card. The entire assembly is impressively compact, about two-thirds the size of a standard credit card and half as thin. This diminutive stature allows the iQi to slip unobtrusively behind any soft iPhone case, leaving a barely-perceptible bulge.

The charging pads are fairly standard bits of kit, sporting micro USB ports for power and understated flat black aesthetics. The iQi will also work with any other Qi-compatible charging pad, like Nokia's well-designed DT-900, so users aren't constrained to Fonesalesman's offerings.

When the receiver works, it works well — charging an iPhone 5s takes just a few minutes longer using the iQi than it does using a standard Apple charger.


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